Pointelle Dress

I am so happy with this dress! It really took me forever....since there are so many different panels in it, and each one is a different knitted fabric. It is made with silk and cotton on a knitting machine using tuck and pointelle techniques. Do you like it too?

Portobello Market

Knitted Swimsuit

Would love to have a close look at this swimsuit but can not find who is the designer and therefore have to just guess....and enjoy the feeling of this picture!

Wrapped in Merino

Do check this record challenge by Woolmark! you can create your own scarf and wrap yourself in it. Sounds so much fun...and you can also win Net-a-Porter vouchers and a super soft merino scarf.

I am up for it. Who else is?

For more info click Here


All You Knit Is Love

I love the front of this knit store in Barcelona. And the best is that it says: Soy una tricoteca, which translates into I am a Knitcoteque! Awesome

Honeycomb Chunky Cables

I have been obsessing with the honeycomb cable lately which has made me get onto my own chunky jumper project. Will post some photos soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share my favorite honeycomb versions.


Must share this will all of you. Beautiful embroider pictures from Romussi.
You can check more Here
How stunning!

Flamingo Gil Capelet

More photos of the recent photo shoot. The Flamingo Gil Knitted Cape had not been properly photographed until now and I really love this one! it has been made using silk and cotton so it really feels so nice....Have a look at all the textures!
Find it Here

Red Alba Dress

I am very happy about the photo shoot we did last Sunday. It was so cold outside...yes cold when it is already May! but anyhow the pictures are great! You may judge for yourself.
This dress is made of a very shinny and soft ribbon yarn.