I want to share with you this metaphor: it´s the simple story of a stonecutter...
How does a stonecutter break open a giant boulder? he starts out with a big hammer and whacks the boulder as hard as he can. The first time he hits it, there is not a scratch, not a chip- nothing. He pulls back the hammer and hits it again and again - 100, 200, 300 times without even a scratch.
After all this effort, the boulder may not show even the slightest crack, but he keeps on hitting it. People sometimes pass by and laugh at him for persisting when obviously his actions are having no effect. But a stonecutter is very intelligent. He knows that just because you donñt see inmediate results from your current actions, it doesn´t mean you are not making progress. he keps kitting at different pints in the stone, over and over again, and at some point- maybe on the 500th or 700th hit, maybe on the 10004th hit- the stone doesn´t just chip, but literally splits in half.

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