Here I am posting four outfits I did knit for the London label Cooperative Designs. It is entirely their designs, but as they are machine knitted as supposed to industrially manufactured, i got quite busy for a while. Some of these pieces I knitted in quantities for customer orders.!!!


There is nothing like playing dress ups with your girlfriends...I love these pictures she has sent me from a fun night we had in London. What keeps on catching my eye is those colorful yarns!!!!


Yum! this is a real soft wrap cardigan. It can be worn in different ways depending on your mood. It hangs oh so lightly...I just can´t take it off...!!!


More beautifully knitted with Merino and lace legwarmers. These funky ones have got gold sailor bloats. How fun!!

Zebra legwarmers & armwarmers

Super confortable and trendy legwarmers with matching armwarmers. Ideal for a sexy night in or to hit the town on a cool night! Both are made using Merino wool for extra warmth.