Shine bright like you MUST

Noone is you and that is your power!!
Use it!! Shine bright because it is your right and your duty to inspire the world around you....
This beautiful, super soft and warm cowl is been handmade with love for those who want to use their unique power and express it!
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This leg warmers are made for flirting

Finally! This winter we can all be warm and feel sexy...
These funky extra long legwarmers will surely help you kick off the winter blues and slip into a flirty mood!!

I have knitted this over the knee leg warmers using 100% Brittish lambswool and a good dose of love. This way we are helping the environment and we remain original and exclusive.
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Pin it with Knit Mystique

If you were wondering where can you find heaps of inspiration for your knitwear projects, on how to style your outfits, colour trends, inspirational quotes to keep you motivated, breathtaking images of the universe and so on....I have what you were looking for...hehe.

I posses this insaciable urge of feeling stimulated by beauty, and I find Pinterest helps me in that department whilst I stay home knitting away. As you probably already know, it used to be impossible to have it all creative, sociable, updated on the latest trends...but somehow having my Pinterest page makes me feel that I am not missing out on anything and can lock myself up at my studio.

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Everything you need, you already have

Life´s path is clearly inwards and not outwards as we might sometimes tell ourselves...and you better make sure you feel playful all the way to the top. Yes 🎭 this knitted snood will help you feel that way, so colourful and bright. 
As well as being a cozy cowl, it is also very flattering, so you can shine as bright as you intend to. That is guaranteed¡

The inspiration behind this colourful snood is in all the amazing sunsets and sunrises I get to see in my hometown. I live on the coast these days. A great opportunity to experience the inwards theory 🔺hahaha🔻....And hei👆 no need to look for inspiration anywhere else than in those wonderful colours that nature magically produces. 

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The hottest Leg warmers...Finally!!

The time for leg warmers has arrived...Spring is around the corner and we don't want to be completely covered up with clothes but we still need some warmth. These leg warmers are sooo cozy! Made with merino wool, what a luxury! and they are extra long, specially if you are petite like me. 
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